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I received a pyramid candle as a gift and decided to send candles to everyone this year. I sent a heart to my niece who just got engaged, a dog to my mom as she recently lost her dog, a pyramid to my brother for his new house, and several for Christmas gifts. Super fast shipping. Great packaging and a fabulous candle.

Stephanie Russell

"Beautifully curated candle shop. The designs are simply stunning & the candles smell divine!! Thank you Westloft! I will be buying again soon."

Lauren K.

"Shipping was super fast, the packaging was BEAUTIFUL down to every detail, and the candles were so so cute! They smelled amazing, and I will be getting a million more!"

Taylor C.

"These candles smell amazing and I’m using them as a decoration until I’m ready to burn them. I highly recommend."

Namuun S.

"I am really in love with the candles that I got! They smells so good! Very good quality! Buying more because it is so worth it!"

Amanda T.

"I’m obsessed with the scent of these candles, they are beyond cute too! The whole purchase experience, shipping and packaging were very nicely executed. Will buy more to give to my friends and family, love, love, love!"

Julianna D.

"These candles have a wonderful scent, they're great for decor and perfect for gifting. I bought in bulk for Christmas to give as gifts to my family and friends and everyone loved them!"

Marianna G.

"I just received my order of 3 candles – the Florence and two of Luna. They say first impressions are everything, and HELLO FABULOUS! The soothing tones of the beiges and creams in the packaging made me feel like I had a gift in front of me, that I was indulging in self-care. It was clear each candle is a work of art, and given the proper care when packing for their journey to me. The scent is warm and inviting. So thrilled for my purchase!"

Jamie A.

"OK. I had to come back and write a review because I am obsessed!! Not only was shipping fast, but the packaging was so beautiful. I bought sculptural candles from other companies before but none compares to ya'lls. Proud 2nd time buyer and excited to see what new shapes you have in store!"

Caroline C.

I got gifted the Athens candle and it is truly an art piece. I've never seen anything quite like it - It's seriously my favorite decor piece in my living room and the fact that it's women owned and eco-friendly makes it that much better!

Thank you for your creations!

Kris M

I absolutely fell in love with my candles. They are so beautiful and smell delicious. The packaging is thoughtfully curated and every detail shows how much love is put into them. They also have great customer service. I had a problem with my shipment and they quickly helped me. I definitely recommend! It adds the perfect aesthetic to my home.

Diana S.

Impeccable and sophisticated! I am in love!

Sharon Goldman

Beautifully made and packaged too!

Loooove this candle! Super cute an aesthetic, and the scent omg sooo nice I love it -even without lighting it up, you can smell it ❤️

Valentina Lairet

The pumpkin candles are exquisite!   They are delicate, yet a beautifully burning candle.  The packaging was also an experience in opening the box from the bow to the care in wrapping each candle to assure they would arrive perfectly.   And they did .

Denise E.

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